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Numerous vital substances from nature contribute to the promotion and preservation of your health. Their intake promotes your energy, your well-being and thus also your vitality. These secondary plant substances also help to alleviate and heal already existing diseases.

Tips from the Web Doctor

Many diseases can only be treated with a combination of these micronutrients. The Web Doctor will give you online treatment suggestions with the complementary vital substances for common diseases. These recipes and information are general suggestions for treatments based on the Web Doctor's many years of experience. It is important to note that the treatment suggestions must always be adapted to the specific situation of each patient.

Most vital substances must be distributed throughout the day and taken shortly before meals. For some active ingredients, the intake rule is different - such deviations from the basic rule are described in the online prescription.

Web doctor does not replace the doctor

It is also important to note that the prescriptions and advice on the Web Doctor do not replace any medical advice or therapy. If you have any questions about your health, contact your family doctor. It is essential to consult a doctor or therapist, especially for an accurate diagnosis and treatment proposal. Serious diseases (e.g. cancer) belong in the hands of specialists and may not be treated on your own. And: Do not start, change or interrupt any ongoing treatment on your own or without consulting the attending physician, therapist or alternative practitioner.

Like every science, medicine is subject to constant development. Research and clinical experience continuously expand the knowledge of the online doctor or web doctor regarding treatment and therapy.