Lifestyle diseases

50-70% of modern civilisation diseases are attributable to poor diet and lack of nutrients.

Most people are aware of this fact, but still do not change their eating habits. Nutrients are the building blocks of over 100 000 complex metabollic processes, so their deficiency disrupts the metabollism and results in a lack of energy for the cells and the entire body. The results are unspecified symptoms such as fatigue, frequent infections, lack of concentration, nervousness, lack of performance and depressive moods.


Vital nutrient deficiency

In the long term, a deficiency in vital nutrients plays a vital role in the onset of diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, strokes, osteoperosis, rheumatism, depression and burnout, Alzheimer's disease, cancer and the ageing process.


Nutrients and nutrition

Nutrients can however only be fully effective if one eats healthily.  The goal will not be achieved by simply swallowing a handful of nutritional supplements and living on fast food. A healthy, balanced diet need not be boring and can actually be extremely enjoyable and tasty once you know how.

Learn more about the possibilities of the prevention and treatment of various diseases. Because nutroceuticals is a complex field, it is best to consult a specialist in the subject in order to make the best decisions.