Treating multiple sclerosis naturally

What is multiple sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is a chronic, progressive inflammatory disease of the central nervous system. The protective myelin sheaths of the nerve cells are slowly dissolved in different areas.  The cause of the disease is still unknown although it is most likely an autoimmune disease which means the body forms antibodies which attack its own tissue. The disease is most common in women between the ages of 20 and 40, but men are also affected. In Switzerland alone, more than 10 000 people suffer with this dreaded diagnosis.

What are the effects of multiple sclerosis?

Depending on where the lesions are located in the brain and spinal chord, the symptoms can vary. The most frequent are sensory disturbances in the arms and legs, loss of muscle strength, visual impairment, and bladder and bowel disorder. A pronounced fatigue is a common sympton.  The disease reccurs in bouts with widely varying intervals in between. Severe damage is caused by each bout until the sufferer is wheelchair bound. Every known therapy aims to reduce the number of bouts of the disease.

Clinical treatment of multiple sclerosis

Clinical treatment includes medication, physiotherapy and psychosocial therapy. The medication is, unfortunately, anything but harmless and includes cortisone, beta interferon, immunomodulating drugs such as Copaxone or Gilenya or immunosuppressants . All of these have severe side effects and are hugely expensive One ampoule of interferon costs over 100 Swiss Francs, an ampoule of Copaxone costs 55 Swiss Francs and one Gilenya tablet costs 80 Swiss Francs. These treatments all improve and reduce the relapses, but there is no cure.

Treatment of multiple sclerosis with nutraceuticals

Treatment with nutraceuticals could be carried out at a fraction of the cost. Research has shown that changing to a raw food diet halves the number of relapses.  The damaged myelin sheaths can be at least partially rebuilt with omega 3 fatty acids and coenzyme Q10 . The extreme fatigue can be counteracted with mitochondrial energy obtained from the correct vitamins, minerals and trace elements, and polyphenols found in aronia and grape seed extract can be used to combat inflammation. The immune system should be strengthened, not suppressed! And treatment with nutraceuticals has no harmful side effects!

A chronic illness such as multiple sclerosis must always be treated by a professional. Self medication with products obtained via the internet can be harmful.

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Who profits from nutraceuticals?

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