Herpes simplex Infection (Cold sores)

We are all familiar with the small but painful blisters in the mouth or on the lips. Approximately 90% of the population carry the herpes simplex virus so the blisters can appear regularly.  10-30% of carriers of the infection suffer from recurring outbreaks.

How is it contracted?

It is usually contracted in childhood and persists for many years. As a rule, Type 1 (herpes labialis) causes infections of the oral mucosa, tongue and lips, wheres Type 2 affects the genital organs (urethral genital herpes). The virus is contagious and is transmitted by kissing or sexual activity. In rare instances it can lead to brain inflammation (encephalitis).

How long does the disease last and how can it be treated?

The blisters last 10-14 days and disappear by themselves. Due to the pain, patients try various methods to speed up the healing process. Various antiviral and disinfecting creams as well as the oral virustatic drugs  are largely ineffective. There are also many home remedies which are largely unsuccessful in treating the virus.

Artemisia against Herpes

The artemesia annua contains 245 documented active substances, including virus-inhibiting artemisin. Dried artemesia leaves in powder form and artemesia cream have had dramatic results against the herpes simplex infection.  I highly recommend trying it next time you have cold sores. It must be applied immediately at the first signs of an outbreak, not after a few days, so it is best to be kept within easy reach in the medicine cabinet.

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