Crohn's disease, chronic bowel disease

The definition of Crohn's Disease

This insiduous disease is a chronic inflammation which can occur anywhere between the oral cavity and the rectum but occurs most commonly around the small intestinve. The exact cause is unclear, but the disease is generally classified as autoimmune, which means that the body forms antibodies against its own tissue.

The symptoms of Crohn's Disease

The symptoms of Crohn's Disease are stomach pains and diarrhea, which can consist of bloody mucus, loss of apetite, fatigue, anaemia and joint pain. Because an inflammed intestine cannot absorb any iron, the long term result is chronic anaemia. With chronic intestinal inflammation, few nutrients can be properly absorbed and this leads to a vitamin deficiency and lethargy. 

Method of diagnosis

Crohn's Disease is usually diagnosed by means of a colonoscopy.  The cause of chronic diarrhea should always be thoroughly investigated.


In my experience, Crohn's Disease is almost always linked to allergy-type food intolerances although this is not always recognised by many doctors and allergy specialists.

Recommended foods and natural products

There is usually an immediate improvement if the patient avoids the foods that are causing the intolerance. The inflammation in the intestine can be treated with clinoptilolite, Kurkuma Vida (turmeric) capsules and aronia extract. In cases of acute Crohn's Disease, foods that cause bloating should be avoided, but as soon as the inflammation clears, high fibre foods are extremely important.

Treatment of Crohn's Disease

The traditional treatment for Crohn's Disease consists primarily of the administration of cortisone and immunosuppressants. If there is still no improvement, the most inflammed sections of the intestine are usually surgically removed.  This does not cure the disease, but merely causes it to move to another section of the intestine.  Whenever possible, I advise against surgery.


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