Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention

Cancer is on the rise

The number of people being affected by cancer is on the rise and the expectation is that the number of new cases will double over the next 30 years. Every one of us knows of someone who is affected by cancer. There are many reasons why you get cancer and it is a very complex disease.

Prevention would be first prize

Experts agree that the number of cancer patients could be halved if people were to take preventative measures and change certain lifestyle choices.  Sadly, most people are not prepared to do this and hope that they can dodge the bullet. A third of them will not be so lucky.

Nutrition plays a major role

Medical practitioners often overlook the importance of nutrition since it is not something they studied intensively during their training.

Instead of admitting their ignorance, many doctors still firmly believe that nutrition and cancer are not related.  These opinions may be changed in the near future as the research into this area is having starlting results. Nutritional experts are discovering and proving the effects of dozens of cancer-resistant secondary crops.

Cancer research

The best-known books of two cancer researchers,  Prof. Dr. Richard Béliveau (Cancer Cells Do Not Like Raspberries) and Dr. Johannes Coy (The New Anti-Cancer Diet) give a clear overview of such micronutrients for laymen.


Incredible results have also been achieved with Salvestrole, which has been researched by Prof. Dan Burke and Prof. Gerry Potter in England. My own experience clearly confirms these results.  (e.g. Salvestrol Vida 350) The possibilities for the use of nutroceuticals in the treatment of cancer is high, but it is dependent on which stage of cancer the patient has.

As with conventional cancer treatments, the possibilities for treatment are decreased if the cancer is at an advanced stage. The earlier the cancer is detected and treatment is started, the more successful the results. Micronutrients also have the abilitly to enhance the efficacy chemotherapy and to lessen the side-effects. The side-effects of radiotherapy can also be almost totally avoided.

Side effects can be avoided

When it comes to diagnosing cancer, it is important where the focus lies. Regular medicine focuses entirely on bombarding the tumour with an arsenal of medical weaponry regardless of the harmful side effects.

Nutroceutical treatment focuses on the body as a whole and not just the tumour.  It aims to strengthen the body and fascilitate self-healing. Our immune system has the ability to kill cancer cells if it works properly, but unfortunately, the immune system is almost completely shut down by chemotherapy. It takes a long time for the immune system to recover, but micronutrients can also speed up this recovery time. 

Cancer treatment is a specialist field

Unfortunately many dubious therapists are dabbling in the field of cancer. Cancer is unforgiving, so patients should take care to make informed decisions about the alternative therapies they choose.  Every cancer patient will be bombarded with advice from friends and associates, all well-meant, but often not useful. I cannot advise or suggest treatment over the internet as each cancer patient needs individual care adapted to their type and stage of cancer. Specialist investigation and treatment is essential.

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