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Prof. Dan Burke, Leicester, England:

Prof. Dan Burke, Leicester, England: „Salvestrol is the biggest breakthrough in the area of nutrition since the discovery of the Vitamin“




What is Salvestrol?

Salvestrol is a newly discovered Class of secondary phyto-nutrients that have a special pharmacological action in cancer cells. They have the unique ability to metabolise the Cytochrome CYP1B1 that only occurs in cancer cells and a new molecule is generated that causes the cancer to die. This ability of Salvestrol thus goes some way to explain why eating fruit and vegetables is cancer inhibiting.

Discovery of a cancer specific tumour marker

Two English cancer researchers, Professors Dan Burke and Gerry Potter have discovered over a 10 year period of research that cancer cells contain a protein CYP1B1 which is absent in healthy cells. It is the first time a cancer specific enzyme has been found that is present in all cancerous cells.

Ineffective Cancer Medicine

In a study (McFayden et al. 2004) it was shown that cancer medicines like Docetaxel, Ellipticin, Mitoxantron und Tamoxifen are metabolised by CYP1B1 and thus ineffective against cancer cells. The healthy cells which contain no CYP1B1 are damaged by these drugs. So in effect the treatment is useless and has undesirable side effects on health cells. This is obviously not good news for cancer patients.

Continued Research

The English research team also found that the active compound „Stilserene“, acts like a Prodrug, which, when it come into contact with CYP1B1 leads to metabolites that result in apoptosis, the natural cell death of cancer cells. So the search began for a natural nutritional substance with similar properties to Stilserene with its cancer inhibiting qualities. During this search Resveratrol (from Grapes and Red Wine, also in the following products Nasobih and Vino Vida) was discovered. It is interesting to note that a small dose of Resveratrol (10-12 mg daily) changes CYP1B1 into the cancer inhibiting Picetannol yet when the dose is increased the effect becomes ineffective. As the search continued, Phytoalexine was discovered, of which there are about 50 varieties and Prof. Burke called this class of substances „Salvestrole“.

Salvestrole, as found in Nature

Salvestrole are secondary phyto-nutrients whose development is hindered by pesticides. These substances are developed in the plant to counter act mould, rotting and fungal diseases. So these phyto-nutrients with their cancer inhibiting properties, are only found in fruit and vegetables grown organically. Examples of Foodstuffs rich in Salvestrol are Raspberries, Black Currants, Figs, Basil, Mint, Parsley, Avocado, Beetroot, Peas and Green Beans.

Salvestrol Enhancers

Researchers have also been able to show that the effect of Salvestrol against cancer can be enhanced by engaging in physical exercise and consuming Biotin (Vitamin H), Magnesium, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C and Iron.

Prevention and Therapy

Treatment with Salvestrol is based on a point system.

  • A meal consisting of 3 carrots, a little butter, honey and garnished with mint, is deemed to be 5 points (Salvestrol points)
  • The same meal but sourced from organic farming is 15 Salvestrol points.
  • To prevent cancer one requires a minimum of 100 Salvestrol points, something not readily achievable.

For this reason the product Salvestrol 350 was developed to exclusively help achieve cancer prevention, thus more than 100 Salvestrol points.  

Yet cancer patients need substantially higher doses, thus Salvestrol 2000 was developed. Depending on the type of cancer consummation of 1 to 3 capsules per day is recommended resulting in 2000 – 6000 Salvestrol points per day. Please note treatment of cancer, generally, and with Salvestrol, should be undertaken by health professionals, who understand Salvestrol and the wider implications of cancer. There are no known side effects of Salvestrol.

Is early detection of cancer a possibility?

As CYP1B1 is only found in cancer cells, it seems logical to use this enzyme as a cancer marker to assist with early detection of cancer. The English research team is currently working to detect CYP1B1 in the blood stream. Should they be successful a test could determine early if a cancer risk is present. This is before the cancer has time to grow and spread. At this early stage a treatment with natural Salvestrol or similar cancer inhibiting plant material would probably be quite successful. This year, 2014, a laboratory is to open in Victoria, Canada that can measure CYP1B1 in the blood stream. Thus we will have the best cancer marker in medical history, available to us in our fight against cancer.

Salvestrol Products

These are available in various web shops – but please make sure you buy from quality suppliers. I recommend my patients purchase Salvestrol Vida 350 and/or Salvestrol Vida 2000

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